A Little Break

So Winter break has officially started and I am very excited! But for the next two weeks I will be VERY busy! I am making all my presents so I’ll upload and share when all is done and over.. but for now! I don’t have much time to be blogging! So it is all going to be postponed! I might end up with lots of lovely outfit of the days but I’m not sure how many I’ll get. I’ll keep my camera on me. But I’m not sure how much courage I’ll have when it comes to asking people to take their picture yet. So! Hopefully I’ll get up the courage soon, but thankfully I have stylish friends! For now though I’ll just blog about this dress I saw and is my new obsession!

Flirty Layered Bird dress

Available on Modcloth this lovely dress I had to rename because it reminds me of jail stripes! What I love most about it is it’s uneven petal layers at the bottom and how the stripes don’t match up on the material! In fact I love it all! The straps are the perfect width, the sweetheart neck line is to die for, and the zipper just tops it off perfectly! I even love it down to the gathers around the waist!

To wear this you could dress it up for an evening with some sexy heels and black tights with an awesome updo to show off gold hoop earings. On a summers day pair this dress with long wavy hair cascading down your back with black Salt Water sandals (a personal favorite!) and some awesome aviators.

my child hood playmates

Or in the winter wear this beauty with a V- neck sweater, belt, and skin colored nylons/gray tights with ankle high black suede boots! Say yes to this dress and let your rebellious side come out any time of the year!


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Black and Brown

Don’t wear black with brown. A simple old fashion rule.

Now this one can be changed depending on the shade of brown and the shade of black as well as the material sporting the color. For example you may have black-gray tights and brown leather boots. If the brown is too dark it will clash, but if the boots are suade  and the brown is light enough you could put them on and get away with it. You can also have matching browns in your outfit with say one black things and an in between color to even it out. For example I have a pair of brown boots, and a brown belt that matches. Those would be my browns. Then if I am desperate I’ll wear a black tank top with my long gray sweater to even out the browns and black combination. Pairing that look with bluejeans would be OK if not great. But if I were, instead of jeans, wear gray tights with black short shorts I would most likely discourage it. One because there would be too much gray, and two because there would be too much black. Black and brown should be put together with one color more than the other and the other color in small amount. What else works is using that If you look at these examples

Audrey T previously featured in a outfit of the day

Audrey T.

you can see that black is used in a sheer nylon fabric which is used with the full brown of leather. With Leather you can often wear a brown leather jacket over a black shirt of with black of any ind because leather is one of the most usable materials. She also switches up the shades in her bag with lots of black and accents of brown.

Brown and black can be used to contrast with each other if used the right way just like how Audrey T. did.

So there you go! A little insight on how to wear black with brown!

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Outfit of the day

Tuesday’s outfit belongs to my friend Suzy Q. She was sporting  a lovely simple green dress with a mid length gray pea coat. She dressed her outfit up with a white scarf that has a black rose pattern.

Suzy Q is stylin!

My favorite part of her outfit: The layering between the socks, nylons, and knit boots.

How she works it: Ugg boots aren’t my favorite, though I have to confess I own a pair because of how comfy they are. But she makes hers look great!! Because they’re knit is really helps add texture to her look. And the black really draws up the eye through the layering to her face (the best part of any outfit! Though for privacy purposes I will not post!!).

yeah! Ok next is next! I have delayed posting for a while because of time constraints so I have two more pictures to show you for outfit of the day!

Wednesday’s outfit belongs to lovely girl  whom I will name in this post Sandra D. Sandra D is sporting a fairly simple outfit consisting of an awesome patterned V- neck dress with gray tights and brown strappy leather boots.

Sandra D has amazing boots.

My favorite part of her outfit: The boots, the straps really set them apart from other boots and help pull together any outfit.

How she works it: Earlier she had her coat zipped up, and I asked her to unzip it to see the full dress. She is able to dress down a pretty fancy outfit with the jacket, because it has lots of pockets and looks more heavy weight it adds the feel of everyday winter. She also doesn’t wear any jewelry, which is a wise choice because it concentrates the eyes to focus on the dress, which fully deserves the attention. I also love how the reds and browns give a sort of autumn feeling and they really light up her face because of her red hair!

And finally! Today’s (Thursday) outfit of the day belongs to Audrey T. She is wearing brown over the knee boots (but because her legs are s slender and long they just barely touch that point.), a blue floral skirt, a white thigh length peacoat, and an awesome shoulder bag.

white coat? Yes please Audrey T!

My favorite part: The white coat and the shoulder bag. the coat and bag go so well together because they give the idea that she’s going somewhere. And the contrast between the bag strap and the coat help draw your eyes down to her Chinese Laundry over the knee boots because they are the same shade.

How she works it: Although she is wearing at least 4 different shades of blue she uses her accents of brown black and white to pull together the colors to make a really tasteful pallet. She also adds needed texture by layering in her ruffled shirt and by mixing fabrics like the stiff cotton skirt contrasting against her soft rayon and cotton blend shirt.

Quick fast fact! Rayon was first called artificial silk when it was first manufactured in the 1890’s!

So that’s all for now. My next update will show you some the of the jewelry pieces I have been working on as well as the next outfit of the day! In till then make sure to always be on the look out for cute fashion statements and see how you can modify those to fit your flavour!

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Follow up Nordstroms part 1

I was looking in Modcloth one of my favorite sites and I definitely found some awesome pieces similar to the ones in my earlier post. I’ll have to follow up on the men later today from stores such as Urban and Banana Republic. So stay tuned. I think I’ll go in order. I earlier looked at a lace dress from the junior section at Nordstrom ‘bp’. The dress had a pretty unique pattern, and was a great length with a nude color that really played up the lace. The dress that I found that resembled it is on Modcloth.com and has long sleeves rather than sleeveless.I really like that because it is more of a winter spring dress and that really matches the color and the feel of it.

sitting in a boat in venice

that’s what I think when I see this. I picture a long curly brown haired girl wearing this dress sailing along with one of those men in the striped shirt with his oar in the background. Note to self. Don’t forget that picture. Between the two I would say I would more likely wear the one from Nordstrom but, the one from Mod cloth is more unique with different lace types all over the dress. You can definitely say that more effort went into creating the one from Modcloth. Both dresses have great potential!

Now for the Christmas present. It had two lovely hues in gray, but went a little over the top with a giant Christmas bow skirt. Just how I went a little over the top in my description of the dress in my earlier post. The skirt accentuated on the length of the dress, short.  But overall the dress wasn’t too terrible. Just fit a younger personality. As I searched on Modcloth I realized I wasn’t going to be finding anything like it on that site any time soon, so I settled with two that have more in common with each other that the original dress.

not sure what's going on.. but still attractive to the eye.

Now this dress is similar by way of the skirt. It is much longer in length and not quite as frilly. This dress can get away with the style because the fabric isn’t too shiny, but the v line neck draws the attention away from the skirt to the top leaving a sort of appealing feeling about the piece. I would never venture to wear this dress myself- but I could venture to have someone else wear it. It has a low enough ruffle on the skirt that it is fully wearable with a thick gray cardigan of a slightly darker hue and light gray tights with black suede booties. Or you could dress it up with some classy black stiletto sandals and a plain black clutch. So let’s say yes to this dress!

ruffle heaven

I call this dress Ruffle Heaven. This dress is similar to the Christmas Present because it has a full bodied skirt and a big bow at the waistline. It is also a very sharp color. The reason I like this dress better is because this ruffle has been one of my favorite skirt patterns for a long time. I’m recently designing a dress that I originally wanted to have ruffles like these on it’s skirt. But for my level of Expertise I decided it would take hundreds of ruffles to complete the skirt I wanted, and would take hours of time to sew and press each riffle because each must be hand sewn on. so by by ruffles(for now! Just you wait blogging world! The designs of Rebekah will come!). But I am excited about it because of the type of top it will have. I’ve wanted a top like this for a long time and I can’t wait to be the first to really take a skirt pattern and turn it into one for a top! So let’s say yes to this one too. Because I’m biased. That’s the end of this post for now. But I’ll finish my follow up with a pair of shoes that will get you wishing and a some great Men’s clothes! Happy wishing!

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against the flow

I figured as my first official blog (because the one I was working on didn’t save) I would go against the grain and really get to know the fashion and style of a major player in the fashion industry. Nordstroms. Everyone in some point in their life will step into this store if not buy something. So I thought I would take a few articles of clothing from each department and really scrutinize them. I’m not trying to affend anyone, I love Nordstroms but as a department store no matter how posh they will always be slightly generic. If not in this post then in the next I will try to find a piece similar to the ones that I choose from Nordstroms and compare them. So let the fun begin!

Mimi Chica sleeveless Lacy Overlay Dress

Over all of the dresses on the first page of the bp dresses this one caught my eye because of it’s nude color. It’s a good length and can be dressed up with some nice heels or dressed down with a cozy gray cardi and some brown leather boots. What stood out to me the most besides the color is the lace detailing, though I probably wouldn’t buy this dress because it’s a little to perfect for me, it definitely hold a lot of weight. What I noticed as I looked at the bp styles I noticed that because of the holidays coming up they felt the need for the use of taffeta and satin. When these fabrics aren’t used correctly they can come across gaudy and uniform. My least favorite was this one

Trixxi Strapless Tafetta Dress

She literally reminds me of those bows you get on a Christmas package. The best thing I can say about this dress is the colors becuase of the tafetta the grays really contrast with each other yet still formalize the dress. If you don’t understand what I mean think of this dress on hot pink. Also this dress has a very short length but because of the ruffles it appears even shorter as if saying “unwrap me”.. but at the same time “I’m really innocent” because the top doesn’t fit quite right and is a little frumpled which gives the idea that it doesn’t fit quite right and that maybe the wearer isn’t so grown up after all. And that just leads to a confused mind and the dress becomes a ‘no comment’ if you want a unique dress that makes a statement sure use the one above but make sure that the “seductive 12 year old” is what your going for. One thing I can say that I a thankful for about bp designers on this look is that they decided to go with a bow instead of a faux jewel which would have been to say it nicely not so great. There is nothing that says christmas than tacky fake jewels! Am I right? Come on! Though part of me wants to be nice and fight for this dress, I really can’t find a way to dress it down. But to fight for bp I have got to say they have some awesome informal dresses that really feed the body’s image. And another thing about them is great shoes. So onto that section please!

Steve Madden Blizzard Boot

When I saw this boot I automatically names it the “yes please” boot. It has a slim fit which goes well with skinnys as well as well as a thin plush lining of fur to give it a wintery look.Also has a cute little heel that will make that satisfying click as you walk down the halls at school or down the street in the city.  So good I could eat it. Let’s move onto the Men’s section because if I dwell on shoes too much my feet will start itching to get some of them.

Pierce Brosnan wannabe

this jacket isn’t really any good. but really who can pass putting up a Pierce Brosnan wannabe. But I mean really who can compare to Pierce Brosnan even when they’re younger than him, they won’t ever have his charm.

Field Scout 'Double' Hoodie

The only reason I like this one is because if the guy had muscles man it would show them off. Part of me says guys should do that. But the other part of me says don’t put us girls through torture all the time like that. So nothing super special about this hoodie. what happened here?This next one is atrocious. Not attractive at all. But I will ask you one question. How on earth did this guy become a model?

Now for some serious guy clothing from Nordstrom. What often attracts me to guys is their sense of dress. Not to fresh and put together otherwise I’ll suspect them of being more vain than I am. But a plain sense of style with neutral colors is all i ask. I also love it when men wear sweaters!

Heather zip trip Crew Neck Sweater

This is a great sweater I’m not sure how much I would love to see my (imaginary) boyfriend wear this, but it’s definitely a great style. The stripes make for an easy put together look without the need of layering or trying to hard. I love when guys wear stripes. But big stripes like this are no good.

banish from the closet

If a guy thinks that this buttoned up everything look is ok let me put the record straight, it’s not. You may think it’s classy, but… well the sweaters all buttoned up, the shirt is  all buttoned up and even the collar is all buttoned up. Prep is not cool in my book. And there are too many coloreful stripes to be attractive here. Another stirpe that I do like however belongs to this sweater

QuickSliver Stripe Cotton Sweater

Let’s say yes to this. The colors are bright but because they are so far apart and subdued by the gray they look great. It’s hard to like this sweater sometimes when a guy like this is wearing it. If you imagine a guy with longer more messy dark hair you will realize that this is a great sweater for the average guy to wear, but can be to preppy if they guy is so fresh and clean.

Over all the mens section of Nordstrom was the most typical I’ve seen from the store. For guys who care more about what they wear I would suggest Urban Outfitters. Most of the sweaters i saw were either argyle (a very LARGE no), too heavy (I don’t know why I don’t like men to wear heavy sweaters.. but I just don’t), or the 50 year old man sweater, which i guess I can’t really complain about because it is mostly men in their 30’s or older who shop at Nordstrom. I was at Forever 21 buying jeans a couple months ago and these guys came in and went up to the girls in front of me in line and and showed them what they got. This one guy had bought the most hideous pair of jeans I have ever seen. Not attractive at all, and All for the price of around 300 dollars. Why someone would want to waste that much money on a pair of completely hideous jeans I have no idea. But the point is even if you have money to be able to shop at a more pricey store that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should or can and not have any sense of style, because the more glam the better way to show girls your wealth, right? No. Girls generally like guys to dress subdued.

Nordstorms is a great store. They have the best customer service I know of, generally good quality and are relatively unique, which is something you can’t say for generic places like Hollister and Gap. What I suggest when it comes to Nordstroms is mix your pieces with pieces from other stores. That way instead of an over put together look you can come across as a thought full dresser who cares about how they look and has pride in what they wear. So let’s say YES to Nordstroms but remember that what you buy most likely a lot of other people might buy it too, so make sure you truly love and treasure it, which isn’t that hard with some of their pieces! Remember Be fashion smart!

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Here we are. The beginning.

So I thought that I should explain why I’m starting a fashion blog.

Firstly because it will be fun. I was looking for a way to share my work as well as my feelings towards others work in the fashion world. And though I know I will probably only make a tiny dent in the internet unlike this lovely girl at http://www.thestylerookie.com/ who got so famous she went to fashion week.. but, it’ll will help me sort out my style. i also am doing this because I was born into a very subdued house when it comes to style. So I thought I would start here.

I am most definitely not claiming this as my idea.. because I am surly copying what others have done for years before me. But what I love I love right? Also it’s a good thing to put my time into besides Facebook.

So there you have it. This isn’t an original idea and has been done many times before.. but hey, why not?

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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