A type of fashion like any. I like them, I don’t know whether I’ll ever get one, but they sure can be cool. I’m not sure whether I like when there are a lot of tattoos. But one well chosen and well placed tattoo can have a dazzling affect. I love that they are giant conversation starters, I love that they can show who you are, and I love the looks people get when others notice them. I’ve always been fascinated.

Also, people who get tattoos can tolerate both needles and pain. Which in my book is about the most awesome thing ever. There is a sight that I’ve been searching and I thought I’d post a couple of my favorites. The first I love what it means. They also happen to be some lyrics to a song I love. The placement is nice and very elegant. But it’s too big for me and not quite simple enough. but I still really like it.

french for "Save me from what I want"

The swirls remind me of Jane Austen and the type of script that was common during her time period. It is quite unfortunate, I think, that it is not common now. Beautiful. The next is a selection is off of pinterest and I love nearly all of them.

I especially love the birds. The first shown is one of my favorites because it’s not perfect. It looks like someone sharpied it on and i love that. The unicorn- got to admit, it’s weird. But I also have to say that I love the simplicity of it.

I also love the map on her back. If I ever got that tattoo, I would go to a tattoo parlor wherever I went (in another country or continent) and have them tattoo a small star or dot on the location, that would be amazing.

Ok the final one I pulled is my all time favorite. Right now if I had to get a tattoo I would get this one. Except a little different because I would want it to be my own to some extent.

Tattoos, to me have to mean something, especially to the person who is getting them. It can’t just be a design you thought was pretty. It has to represent you, represent your all, your being. It has to be beautiful. It has to be you. In every way.

TO SEE the original post of these pictures on Pinterest go here:

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