Shoes.. and other nice clothing.

Ok. I admit i haven’t posted in about a month. I regret this! BUT!!! I am now on mid-winter break And I hope to post two or three times! This first post is just about the few things fashion wise going on in my life at the moment.

I should have taken a picture but the other day I went to the ballet and wore the most urban thing I have ever worn. Think this through, since i can’t show you a picture.

Gray nylons, then over that, black lace leggings, then pair that with black socks pushed down to my ankles and black leather t-straps. Over that I had a gray skirt with a black tank tucked into it. Over that I wore a jean jacket. I felt a little crazy to say the least. Most of the time my style is a little more classic, chic. But I find myself heading more and more toward the urban direction, as I start lending myself to wear clothing that is more out there for me. But anyways that was a great outfit day for me.

Now, I want to blog about some shoes. I have been pulling shoes off websites for a while. I can’t tell you their names, but I can give tribute to the stores they most likely came off of. These being, Nordstroms, Mod Clothe, Zappos, Urban Outfitters, and Of course I know that all of these things only carry different brands of shoes, but that’s all I can remember. There is even a pair from Hot Topic. But the main thing is that I love shoes. My sister loves bags. I love shoes.


I love these shoes. I would never wear them. But I love them none-the-less. They are beautiful. Fresh off from Urban Outfitters they would go great with a plain white tee and a pair of skinny jeans. Or cropped jeans, white shirt tucked in, brown belt, and gray shrug or cardigan.

Not to hefty winter boots.

These boots are great because they fit the foot nicely outlining it and making it appear slim and aren’t they are not bulky. I would categorize them as winter/spring boots. They aren’t too fuzzy to say they can’t be worn in the spring, with a nice pair of tights, and some striped socks pushed down to the ankle. But in the winter they can be worn with jeans and layered sweaters.

On that note it reminds me of one of the hardest fashion things I’m facing. The transition from winter to spring. Yes it’s still winter, but I am shopping more this season/month. I am still in the sweater mode. I want to wear and buy lots of sweaters. I just recently got two sweaters that are great for spring because they are three quarter length sleeves, which is great. But I’m having a hard time not layering. I suppose when the heat comes I’ll naturally stop layering. But during spring you can still layer, but it’s time to break out the shorts, and wear tights under them. And don’t forget knee high socks and nylon types of things. Also spring is a time for dresses and skirts. Spring. But as I shop I also think, “can I wear this during the summer?” So I have acquired a couple of tank tops too. But as spring comes into view I want to start showing a little more skin. The great thing about this time of year is that you don’t have to wear heavy coats. You can show off that great outfit you’re wearing, this also means you can play up your accessories. So, right now, my plan for spring is to start slowly easing out of winter clothes and showing off my style by using jewelry, and light layering.

cutest sandals in all get out.

I am attached to these shoes. It is a very fortunate thing that I don’t remember where I pulled them from because now I cannot buy them. But these shoes are great. The contrast between the canvas and leather pull the eye to the feet. And the number of buckles makes you think that there are about three or four straps rather than one. Now this may be true, but You probably only need the one buckle. Their detailing is just GREAT!! Now I don’t know what else to say about these shoes except that they are just the cutest things!


I loved this right away. All of their clothes are so adorable. Very romantic. This is one of my favorite adds for them. The combination of the browns and pinks are adorable and the adding of the floral accents just make this outfit to die for. Maybe you haven’t noticed but right now I have a thing for brown leather weather imitation or real. My favorite thing about this outfit is the pink and gray layering of the dress and the jacket. Very stylish and cute.

Those are just a couple things that I have fallen in love with right now. Something I am always picture are music videos. Because to me a well written music videos combine a good plot, good fashion, and a good music. And it is also food for the soul, good music has a huge affect on my life. It can make me happy, content, excited, ambitious. . . You name it. This is a song I want to share because I have been in love with it lately and it has made my spirits soar. So I hope it feeds your soul just as it has mine.

Also chew on these delectable shoes. (not literally because I’m not sure how happy I would be with you if you did.)

peacock shoes at hot topic??

I know I made them huge but I wanted you to see their detailing. I don’t think I have to describe why i love these shoes. So… I’m not going to.

So on that happy note I’m signing off and hoping you have a good week filled with Love.

Also coming soon, I will be talking about Vera Wang’s White collection for David’s Bridal!

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