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And a good afternoon to you!

Alright, for today I will be talking about a couple pieces of clothing I’ve found and loved! The first is a lovely pair of shoes.

Cucoo booties from Modcloth

What I love about this boot!! Ankle high suede and open toe! I saw them and fell in love! My favorite part however about them is the stitching detail, buttons, and the lace. I can see these with some awesome medium blue denim skinny jeans and a ruffled shirt with a sweater belted over it. I LOVE these shoes!

Next I have a necklace that I love for it’s color. It is from a designer called Stella & Dot. This designer is somewhat expensive, but I was looking through their collection and this necklace really stood out to me. It has a beautiful braided look and the colors are spectacularly vivid.

Bamboleo Necklace: $228

I call it the Pocahontas necklace. What struck me about this necklace was the way it was made. every bead is connected to a chain making it a very sturdy necklace. All of these strands are connected into a braid that makes it relatively sturdy and not likely to loose shape. It’s stunning colors would look lovely with a strapless yellow dress and your hair tied up in a loose bun with simple to no earings. One thing I know about accessories is that you don’t want to over do them. And this necklace deserve to be all alone!

The next piece is a sweater pattern I found for a child of two or three and I really want it for myself. I just have to figure out how to crochet better and how to re-size the pattern and I’ll be set to go!

The cutest sweater in all get out!

The thing I really love about this sweater is the colors. the nice gray and the white look enchanting together. And the brown buttons just add the cutest touches. What is great about this sweater is that on days when you don’t feel like trying too hard just slip on this sweater over a tank with some light colored skinny jeans and some brown boot mid-calf boots. And easy cute outfit because this sweater acts as it’s own form of accessory.

Well that’s all for now! Hopefully on Tuesday I’ll get a good outfit of the day to show you! Maybe I’ll even get one tonight!


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Start Over

Ok. So right now I’m feeling very optimistic. I’m in a sort of transition stage right now as well. Even though Sophmore year is half over I am just now realizing the consequences of procrastination (more than the obvious). And I thought I would share this with you. I recently am doing a very large research project and it was due today. Last night it was not done. at 12pm I went to bed and admitted to myself that I had failed. And then all of a sudden a feeling suddenly swept through me, a very very relieved feeling. Because i had procrastinated on this project for the past week and a half my life has been consumed by it. I am good at coping with stress so I didn’t feel that, but my brain couldn’t think about anything else. And after I admitted that to myself I realized that it’s school. Education is important, but it’s not the most important part of life. It’s not life. And I realized that God has been neglected in my life for a while. So I’m starting a new chapter. I’m not procrastinating anymore, and I can know I’m serious when I say that because I know there are more consequences than bad grades. I started that this week and my grades have all ready gone up. But today has just been good. I’ve felt very lifted, despite the fact that I kept falling asleep. Going to bed early tonight! Here’s a song that I love, reminds me of New Years Eve (good times, good friends, good dance parties) and is kind of my theme song right now mainly for the chorus. Some of the words are questionable to my cause, but it makes me feel good so… 🙂

Dog Days Are Over

So that’s that! Now to continue with my long needed update!!

Ok, I know I said I would put up pictures of the things I made, and I will, but not today! I have to many things to say!

First order of business- a warm winters outfit. A couple weeks ago I wore this outfit.

a winters day

that’s my least blurry picture. A navy dress ( I call it my sailor dress.) It is now available on Modcloth as

Coach Tour Dress

but I got mine at Forever 21. I plan on resewing the buttons on mine. They will be smaller real brass buttons. I then covered it with my favorite gray cardi (which I seem to work into every outfit because it’s so versatile) unbuttoned and belted with my dad’s old brown leather belt. To finish off the outfit I used an adorable scarf that my friend gave me for my birthday to cover up the buttons on the collar of the neck and added my silver rose necklace

very blurry picture of rose necklace

which you can see is very rose like. I got that from my other friend for my birthday. And I double layered my textured off white tights over my gray ones, to stay warm and to look not so pale.

my tights, a very simple textured pattern

After that I finished off with my my lovely mid calf brown faux leather boots. And that’s the outfit of the day for the past month. Sorry for the delay. But other stuff comes first.

Fashion trend: Layers. In the winter it gets mighty cold! In my look i dressed it down with layered sweater, belt, and scarf. Then I layered my tights to stay extra warm.

My favorite part: My boots. I’m totally crazy about them they really make the outfit more classy. And I can’t really get enough of them. I don’t wear them as often as I would like, but whenever I do they make me feel very special!

Next order on the agenda are some designs I’ve been working on. The first it coming and going. It’s a long term project, but i hope to have it done by the last day of school so I can wear it then. The golden thing about this dress is that because I’ve taken time to design it I have it in my head. And I can fit it with my clothes and I can see myself wearing it a lot. It is going to be a cream colored dress with lots of different shades of off white. It will either be a strapless dress or a one shoulder, most likely strapless. The top half will go to about the bottom of my rib cage and it’s hard to describe but the picture will help. It will have strips of fabric sewn in a sort of twist. Then the bottom will be gathered at the waist and be loose and good for twirling! it will go down until about an inch above my knees. Here’s the sketch.

the sketch

I’m very excited about this dress. I’ll wear it with my brown boots and a pair of fake gauges that I want on etsy.com (I will get them! They are next to buy on my list. even before the yellow leather gloves)

Sankofa Wings

I also really love this pair as well. This whole shop is great! Fake gauges galore!! It’s called tribal style.

ma'ayan curls

they do really really beautiful work at that site. Anyways either of these would look great with my dress! So yes I’m excited about that too!

It’s late and I’m getting tired. So maybe Sunday I will do another post with two more designs of mine as well as an outfit of the day and Christmas presents! I’ll give you a sneak peak. Really I’m just so excited to wear it out on January 22nd when I go and see the opera  The Barber Of Saville with my friend Cassandra. It’s going to be the best thing ever! So here it is, probably the most fashionable thing I got all Christmas!

my new beaded clutch

Isn’t it just divine? Yes I think so. Score one for Grandma! I am just too excited for this! So on that happy note. I’ll leave you!

All my love! I love all my readers. I really do.

OH! Also! I now have something called Botiques.com. And basically what you do is take a test type thing so they can figure out your style. Then you go “shopping” and say whether or not you love things. And it is addictive. You can also follow another botique. I follow three. Here’s my site http://www.boutiques.com/boutique/rebekahoglesby?storefront=t&action=activate&token=jalqqzknoqfmazyeydcc

so come and visit!

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An Update and another Delay

So, I just want to update and say that all the presents I gave were well received. But I will not blog about them now. I have a lot to write about including a dress I’m designing and a fashion shoot I’m planning that will feature items I’ve created. But for now I do not have time to blog about these things because of over exhausting amount of homework right now. So I’ll, most likely, be giving a major update Friday evening! Thanks for understanding!

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